Were a passionate fun loving group, we believe many hands accomplish great things and lighten the work load.  

Help us share our brand and mission driven products. Were passionate about supporting our partners, primarily women owned companies that provide amazing products that give back.

As an affiliate of Rebel + Saint Box Cause you'll receive a commission every time you promote our company’s products and drive a sale, just like a commission-only sales representative.


It feels good to promote social good and the passive income is a plus. We love the flexibility of work, life and family.


We ware a lot of hats  

Cook, councilor, bottle washer, business owner, housekeeper, fitness model lol, financial planner, home decorator, entertainer extraordinaire, fashionesta, teacher, friend, caregiver, wife, mother, sister, daughter and while doing so, make everything look effortless.


At the end of the day were all ready for a Calgon moment or a cocktail. You earned a little me time. 

Okay I might put a load of wash in while I sip on my Champagne.     

I told you we were fun loving passionate people, doing our best to multitask with a great sense of humor.

Did I mention social issues near and dear to my heart ?   


If you think you can hang with us and the job title sounds like you, join us.



Your qualified, make a little money, have a lot of fun and help other 's along the way!     

Pink Smoke