Updated: Aug 22

This is a challenging time in life for most of us, health concerns, financial loss, insecurity about the future. Pressure, stress, the unknown and feeling of being on the brink of despair.

Life can throw you many hardships and challenges. In my case I was bombarded with various challenges and hardship in rapid succession. Some people say theses hardships try, test and refine us as individuals. It strengthen our character, redirects our paths and causes us to grow as individuals. It was an extremely painful experience but it brought me more understanding, wisdom and strength. Understanding and empathy for other people suffering.

Wisdom to see through the lies and falsehoods. It gave me more strength and power to live an authentic life valuing myself and others. You may be experiencing hardship in your life but don’t give up or give in. Fight, endure, overcome. Use this experience to strengthen yourself. When your tired, rest. When you come though the storm you’ll be a changed person. Wiser, more understanding and stronger for having gone through it.

Just to get a grasp on what I was dealing with in rapid succession. I received a huge financial salary cut, my mother who was living with me at that time passed away. Then my beloved dog had an accident with a wild horse and passed away in my arms. Digging a hole and burying my dog in 100 degree heat was beyond anything I can describe, heart breaking. Followed by my Dad passing away from heart failure and than within three three years my dear brother passed from kidney complications. Talk about the grim reaper, that stuff is real. I had to face that spirit and send it packing . After that challenge and storm ended I became ill with depression, exhaustion, extreme physical pain and a broken heart from the loss of my loved ones. And believe it or not there are others facing greater hardships and difficulties today.

This time has tested ever fiber of my being, I'm glad I built my house (which is me) out of good materials so in the end I came through. Beat up, torn, broken, yeah but stronger !

Stop breaking my heart, support your military's, feed your homeless American citizens, care for elderly parents, look after your communities, bring water to your farmers, who grow your food, who gave their lives, who are homeless, broken living on the streets. Take care of yourself, your own first, before you take care of others. How are you going to take care of the rest of the world when you haven't taken care of yourself & your own ?


1. Fight for your life, If you know your worth it, never give up and never give in.

2. Don’t harm yourself or turn to drugs, alcohol, etc.

3. Be fearless, not fearful, win the battle.

4. Start investing in yourself, your worth it.

5. Rest, focus on healing and renewing yourself.

6. Release others who have harmed you, so difficult to do. Or ....

7. Discard other who were never good for you, they didn't love you anyway.

8. Seek counselling or a life coach to talk with.

9. Detach from the situation, your more than the circumstances.

10. Surround yourself with positive people.

11. Write about your experience.

12 . Spend time in nature.

13. Avoid blame, accept the hardship, learn form it and let go of it.

14. Focus on the benefits and the advantages from the hardship. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically stronger and wiser. Not the fact that it was trying to destroy you.

15. Remind yourself you’re not alone.

16. Get back up, practice resilience.

17. Accept hardship to help you overcome it and then master it.

18. Gain a sense of humor.

19. Believe in yourself and find out what you’re made of.

20. Don’t harm others, but don't let them harm you either.

21. Help others overcome hardship.

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