Being authentic can be risky business, freedom isn’t always free!

Frightening thought, taking ownership for your own thoughts, actions and behavior. Or not, living out your life with purpose from your authentic self.

I needed a passion with a purpose, not just a paycheck. I love living life on my terms, nothings more satisfying then creating happiness, health and prosperity for myself and others.

I created a blog because I wanted to give a voice to myself and encourage others who haven’t found their voice yet, and of cause it helps with website ratings, that too lol.

Humble beginnings, as a child my Mom worked full time and didn’t care much for cooking so I was served TV dinners every night. Those dam TV dinners, still to this day I won’t touch one. If I was lucky we would eat out once a month at the home of the golden arches.

Follow the yellow brick road to the land of milk & honey. Where is this place, I should go there ?

That’s the other benefit to blogging you can see the good, bad, and ugliness of your own soul. Clearly I need to appreciate and be grateful for the food that I was given because there are starving people in this world who will gladly eat your TV dinner.

When I was a little child I would wake up to an empty house, both of my parents had already left for work and my older sibling were gone to school. Don’t ask me how but I instinctively knew to leave for school when Casper the friendly ghost cartoon was over. It ‘s a freaking miracle any of us survived childhood.

I didn’t know at that time I was a latchkey child, but I realize now why I’m so independent, a free spirit and thinking, quite comfortable being by myself. That’s the upside of it. The down side of it is I’m fiercely independent, untrusting, rarely will accept help and won’t be ruled.

No one to blame or reward but myself, for the good and bad choices I've made in life. You lose, you learn. I've met a lot of unaccountable people who have wanted me to take the blame for their poor choices. I just smile and say No you owe that !

I’ve been governing over myself ( making my own choices and decisions since I was five and I question ever one and everything since then. What are the motivations of their heart ? Do they love me ? Why do they lie to me ? I don’t take candy from strangers or drink the cool aid.

Unfortunately many children like me have been born into less than a perfect families and world but I appreciate anyone who is trying to make life a better place for themselves and others. A safer place, with more honest communication. A soil where decency can take root, flourish and grow for American Citizens, and yes we can share and give to others without being sacrificed or blamed for the wrongs of another.

Some things are just not acceptable.

I’m thankful that society developed before and after school programs for latchkey children and food programs for hungry kids like NO Kid Hungry.

Children are pure in heart, quite resourceful and resilient. I figured out how to hem my dress at age five with scotch tape. Knowing it was a temporary fix until I had the knowledge and resources to hem it permanently.

I started working part time on weekends and during the Summer months at age twelve. I distinctly remember eating my employers trail mix for three days to survive. Thank God my employer put trail mix out for customers. Generally I lived off a Snickers bar per day, it’s a good tasting candy bar.

During my teen years my parents lost their apartment, so we were homeless. They went to stay with a friend and I was left to find a place to stay. Fortunately I had two close friends who’s parents allowed me to stay with them and even took me to Hawaii and Mexico for a month on vacation. I’m thankful to the families who took me in and cared for me. I’m a combination of a accumulation of many people who were joined together in a common bond of love.

In my thirties my Mother told me she tried to abort me, she was unsuccessful obviously. That's one unsuccessful thing I was thankful for. During that time it was illegal to have an abortion so women tried other methods. I felt sorry for her, she was poor, scared and unloved by the man she loved, desperate. Yet it made so much sense and answered many questions I had about my own feelings, disconnection from her and life. It was like a puzzle piece that I needed to make sense of it all.

Have you ever felt like something just isn’t right ? but your not sure what it is yet, yeah.

I appreciate society trying to ban long term abortions. The unborn who are still in their Mothers womb have no voice. They need protection, they deserve love. They didn’t ask to born, I feel sorry for people who won’t take responsible for their behavior, actions and blame a child for being conceived.

Being authentic liberates you and frees you to live a self empowered life of being true to who you are. Sifting through everything you’ve been told, taught and expected to be. Finding your core being and what’s at the heart of who you are, your soul, what you believe in and how you live.

Were all ambassadors and representatives of what we think, believe, speak, live and support. Yet we are humans, foul able and sinful at times. You are the greatest investment you will ever make!

Being authentic can be risky business, freedom isn’t always free, some body is and was always paying for it. That's it in a nut shell, blog.

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