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I've always had great relationships with my animals. My dog King, a German Shepard who saved my life from being hit by a car when I was young .

Then there was a seal in the ocean who helped me swim safety to a jetty. There was a terrible rip tide and storming waves. No one else was in the water that day just me, a seal and a rip tide. I probably would have drowned that day if it wasn’t for the seal showing me the way out. Never try to swim to shore in a rip tide. Swim outside to the left or right and get out.

At first I was frighten that he might bite me but no, he locked eyes with me turned to the jetty and started swimming away from me until he reached the jetty and then he just looked at me. That was my clue to swim to the jetty and there we both sat out of breath.

Once a dolphin swam around my surf board while I was surfing. I wasn’t exactly sure why, maybe he just wanted to say hi or he knew other predictors were in the water which was concerning. Dolphins are amazing mammals, friendly to humans and fierce toward sharks.

My majestic Arab horse who’s name was Star, he was an amazing animal. Nostrils flaring in the air, prancing around, he was a vey high spirited horse and intimating. I understood him, we spoke the same language. He was being who he was made to be, you couldn't deny him. Amazing specimen. Once he warned me that a storm was coming. My heart started racing wondering what was wrong. Boom just like that a earthquake hit followed by a rain storm.

I wonder if earthquakes are Mother Earth's way of saying your stressing me out, get off my back or stop furthering your nonsense. Then there's Volcanos, I imaging when they erupt their spewing out angry.

I'm a good listener, I listen to animals, people and what the earth is telling me and it's not always good and I listen to the spirit that lives in me.

It's the environment I live in and I don't image I'll be buying a ticket to Mars anytime soon. So here I'm.

I haven't met a animal yet who has every lied to me, betrayed me or stolen from me, I value that. They always seem to know when your having a difficult day ( understanding creatures ) and they don't care if you haven't brushed your hair.

Goat Yoga ? down ward dog pose lol

A few years ago a bear walked past my car heading to the lake to fish and take a swim. I need to learn how to fish and take a cool swim. It is freaking hot, my A/C is working overtime and bill is degusting. I've been told, “ teach a man how to fish & you'll feed him for a life time ” maybe we all need to learn how to fish and be more self reliant.

I have wild rabbits, birds, chickens, a dog and humming birds around my home if I forget to feed the birds they dive balm my head and sit around my pond wondering where’s my fresh water and food. If you feed them, they will come.

My neighbors have horses, fortunately I have gas for my car but with theses gas prices I might need to start riding a horse lol. I used to love having guests over, I'd invite everyone. But with this pandemic and rising food costs, it makes you ponder things. I hope to this isn't the new normal.

Animals have always giving me more than they have taking from me.

I guess that's why we call them Man's Best Friend.

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