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Rated 5 out of 5

Wendy Rose – July 6, 2021

Rebel + Saint Box Cause July 2021 Review

I really enjoyed my July 2021 Rebel + Saint Box Cause collection! There was such a great assortment of items from bath & beauty products, to kitchen essentials, to scented delights… A little something for everyone! My personal favorites were the Old World Apothecary Co. candle, Verve Culture Thai for Two kit, Buck Naked Soap Company Mermaid Bar, and The Therapist Essentials Room & Linen Spray.


Rated 5 out of 5

Summer S.- I love it ! so fun, I just used your Naked bath balm, my skin is so soft. 


August 29, 2021 Preview Testimonials for Rebel + Saint Box Cause

Debbie - I’ve watched a lot of unboxings and I have never seen a box even close to being as great as yours. Every item just spoke to me. Your box is  FABULOUS!

JTScents-and-More Jennifier Skelton-Williams 8 hours ago #rebalandsaints OMG That cow pillow is everything and I need it in my life!!! Would love to give this box a try!!


Becca Curls 8 hours ago #RebelandSaintBoxCause is definitely my favorite, the cow pillow is adorable! I love that it has such a wide variety of products 😊


Michelle Goode 6 hours ago #rebel&saint I love this box it's amazing. I love their mission and the variety of what was in the box. I love the coffee and the curry. The pillow is so adorable and fun what a great item to add to any space. Yay for the new BOX!

Leigh Marx 7 hours ago #rebelandsaint for sure! I love the variety in this box. It gives you a little bit of everything...

Deb 6 hours ago #Rebel&Saint I love this box. The box includes so many great items and that pillow is so cute!


Lara Marszewski-Reeves 6 hours ago (edited) So fun 🤩. Love watching your unboxing videos. Gives me great ideas for gifts 🎁. I would love to be in the running to win the #Rebelandsaint box. Although I thought the #Bijouxbox was really cool 😎 as well. I love hummingbirds. 🥰

Dena Duncan 1 hour ago #RebelandSaintBoxCause is so freaking cute! I love, love the cow pillow!

Chanel Payne 8 hours ago #rebelandsaints because that pillow is awesome. It would also be fun to discover that box further

Steph Says 9 hours ago #rebelandsaintWould love to win this because i love that pillow! Lol

Kirsten Nichole 2 hours ago (edited) #rebelandsaintbox I would love to be entered to win one! I never heard of this box and I love the variety of items and I also my mom enjoys those types of items so we could open it together!

Lorraine Culp 5 hours ago #RebelAndSaintBoxCause is adorable! The flower child cow was watching over your shoulder while you unboxed everything else in the box 😀 Just adorable box!


Natasha Durham 9 hours ago The #rebelandsaint box was great, but I'm also very interested in #globein. Great vid!! Thanks for all the informative content. I love that any sub box could be reviewed here. It's not just one or two things or types


Julie 5 hours ago #REBEL AND SAINT I LOVE this box!!! My favorite is the Chanel towel & of course, I love everything else!! I'm a coffee lover, too!! Love getting new companies to try for coffee & I love that this company gives to causes & primarily women owned company! So cool!

Tera Giles 6 hours ago #Rebel&Saints Loved it, that cow pillow...omg


Daisymay 9 hours ago (edited) #Rebel and Saint box that is so sweet. I love all the products you got. That pillow is a moo of a pillow . I cancelled my glossy box sub. . Oh great video.💯👍

Susan Lew 3 hours ago #Rebel&Saint….. I love that pillow!

Teri Finn 2 hours ago #RebelAndSaint - The variety in this box is so fun and the cow pillow is a must have.

Carrie Mimitz 4 hours ago #rebelandsaintcausebox LOVE all the items!! Would love to be entered to win this box. 🥰

Micki Takac 2 hours ago I would love to win the #RebelandSaintBoxCause. I love the variety of items in the box and that most of the products come from mission driven companies. The cow pillow is amazingly adorable!


JULIE MOISANT 7 hours ago Hello from Florida!! I can't get over that cow pillow from #rebelandsaint!!


Melinda Tokie 2 hours ago #RebelandSaintBoxCause. I love the pillow, bath items, I also love the 10 box un-boxlng videos that you do!

Terese Birou 1 hour ago #rebelandsaint Love the cow pillow!

charity morris celestial and avyn 2 hours ago #rebealandsaintbox I loved this box so much I love Small women owned business


Evelyn Constantine 5 hours ago #rebelandsaint ohhhhh. I love this one too

Don’t Take My Word for It

Lisa Wolf 19 hours ago

I have never seen this box before; I really like the items you received and the meal looks tasty!

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Patricia Jones 16 hours ago

Nice box! This is a new one to see. Haven't seen this open on any other channel. What you made looks tasty & quick!

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Carolyn Andreasen 16 hours ago

I smile every time I see your orange Tupperware measuring spoons that are just like mine!

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Very nice box.

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Karla Anderson 20 hours ago

Look at you .. So Box Savvy 😂.. I enjoy the new ones Oh no!.. In the kitchen?.. Does this mean you won’t be on Sunday??😳🙁